How To Get The Ball Rolling As A Writer

Riaz Laskar
3 min readApr 21, 2022

The first condition is you have to have a ball

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This essay is not for pro writers like me. This essay is for half-boiled writers who face difficulty to write with the flow.

As I mentioned flow, it refers to ink. Hence, you need to have an ink pen to flow.

To get the ball rolling as a writer you need to have a ball also, which means you have to have set goals to write something regularly, ball also exerts that you love to write unconditionally.

Now let us focus the camera and zoom in on the ball. A writer’s ball is not like a football. A writer has a creative ball and to get it rolling, you need to have a solid tap of inspiration. As a writer, you will open the inspirational tap and the water of inspiration will fill your bucket.

The worst part is that when the ball does not jump, the writers suffer from writing constipation.

To get the ball rolling we can do the below things:

  1. Put on an earmuff. Don’t listen to the people who make you feel bad and pinpoint your shortcomings. Inflate your creative ball by reading, consulting, seeking help and getting it rolled. Open the tap let it flow, and keep writing without bothering about the results.
  2. Strive to scratch your head as much as possible, and write some insipid, lousy stuff. Share it on any platform without a second thought, the terrible writer will stop by with her feedback on your lacklustre piece. Give some initial energy to kick start rolling the ball.
  3. Take the clutter from the window of your mind. To get the ball rolling you need to do the housekeeping of your heart and mind, be relaxed and write. The human head is a haphazardly messy den.
  4. Go to a shopping mall and sit there for some time. Then go to a park and sit there for some time some other day. Walk and talk to yourself and think about writing and dream about writing, push the ball as hard as you can
  5. The consistency is a magic. And the best mantra of success is consistency. Consistency is more helpful than buying a writing course. Get the ball rolling through your consistency, if you want to listen to the tortoise and rabbit fable then I will write for you. Be consistent like the tortoise and hit…



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