Let me open the door and know myself.

Photo by John on Unsplash.

Let me walk though this bumpy road.
As I see detour which may lead to door of fantasy world.
Life throws uncertainty and challenges.
Surpassing fear of mind to win with courage .

Heart becomes prison of unforeseen worries.
Let me open the door of my heart.
To attain the freedom from it, .
And enjoy life’s mysterious art.

I would like to be successful in life.
Working honestly and taking decision wise.
Eagerly I have kept my door opened and wide.
Have faith in me to shine and rise.

Some doors closed due to my limitation.
Acquiring knowledge through books…

Every winter you come to India without any restrictions, you are entitled to avail freedom beyond borders.

Amur Falcon resting on a rock in India during winter.( Photo Credit Wikipedia)

This year also you came to India to celebrate winter.
As a bird you have no restrictions to cross the border.
You and all your friends belong to Serbia.
Do you find any difference in human beings between Serbia and India?
I don’t find disparity between Indian and Serbian birds.
Except colour and size both of you have similar traits.

How do you know it is month of December?
People of India are shivering due to winter.
What type communication channel do you follow?
To travel subcontinent without any flaw.
Thousand questions pop up in my heart. …

Who is responsible to cause this much pain in our life? We are not entitled to celebrate one day in a year.

A Narrative Poem

Kutupalong Refugee Camp in Bangladesh ( Photo credit Wikipedia)

O, my mother, see this purple shirt.

I was walking by bazaar a man gifted me with his kind heart.

Come on sit down Raja and let me see.

This is the fourth Eid we are celebrating at this refugee camp.

Our motherland was a best soil I miss it in front of this lamp.

Your father is also no more as he was forced to die in the crisis.

Seeing this much hardship as a mother is a painful sudden surprise.

Do you remember your father used to be joyful

on the eve of Eid?


Leave me alone and let me die in my death bed. I will pray to God not to bless a mother a son like you. A childless woman is far better than a mother of a child like you.

A narrative poem.

Photo by Jeremy on Unsplash.

A man named Sahil settled in America. He came to India to shift his cancer patient mother to an old age home. He wanted to sell his widowed mother’s apartment.

O, my God, is there anything good for me today?
I am feeling something special and less pain today.
Is it my birthday?
No, then why I feel rejoice?
Sleepless nights alone in this sanctuary.
Making a day like a year to spend in solitary.
I was brought up well but at this old age,
Breast cancer inflicts more pain in me like a rage.

Who is knocking on the…

A curse in modern society.

Photo by Michelle Leman on Pexels

I have been rejected today also.
Humiliation of my parents is not tolerable for me .
Giving their daughter’s marriage is like a shame to see.
Difficult to comprehend why a man needs money,
To be my groom, feeling helpless for my parents who are under great agony.
Whose fault is it that I am a female child?
World has become ruthless and wild.
Claustrophobic atmosphere can be seen at my home.

My parents sent me to the best school and college,
For my education and evolvement.
They spent bulk of money to make me a bride- to…

Loving myself to exchange love with my loved ones.

Photo by Angelo on Pexels

I love myself and I am in me.
Evolving like an enormous tree that you can see.
Parents say I am their apple son.
Nothing special as it is very common.
Child is all the time dear to their parents.
As a son giving back love I should not be deterrent.
Without loving myself , I can’t love them.
Giving parents happiness and peace it is my life aim.

If you see a man successful in his life.
It is certain that he is a committed husband for his wife.
Money is a factor to provide her happiness.
She wants…

You were paid less each time you pulled me.

Photo by Rigor on Unsplash

Just came to know about your demise.
Life is very short once again I realize.
Last year met you while I came on a vacation.
Seeing your empty rickshaw you came in my imagination.

Pulled me from home to different destinations.
Father would pay you which was less compensation.
I have seen you three decades pulling rickshaw
without any big break.
What was the reason such decision you did make.

Wanted to know the reason of your death.
Came to know hydrocele took your breath.
I was not surprise to learn the reason.
Pulling and lifting heavy weight causes…

Let me find success lesson in the Nature.

Photo by Antoine on Unsplash

Worry about everything in life.
Making calculation to be happy and wise.
Temptation for success
snatching the beauty of all age.

Success is a diction that has multiple meanings.
Tranquility, happiness, achievements
all together form success as inner fulfillment .
Is there any tool to take its measurement?

Worry leads us to adopt rat-race?
Climbing on success ladder life becomes a mess.
The requirement for food and shelter is unavoidable.
Working hard and earning money that leads life to be durable.

A question rises in my heart.
After being conscious about the Nature and its art.
In a day…

Thought is companion of a man for his good and for his bad.

Photo by Masha on Pexels.

A car can’t run without a wheel.
Sophisticated engine needs a wheel to show its zeal.
A pen is useless thing without ink.
A paper turns into creation when it meets with ink.
Companionship of pen and ink, wheel and vehicle,
bring something splendid and deliverable.

A car of million dollars losses its efficiency
when a wheel of the car loses its efficacy.
Viscosity of the ink delivers the quality of inscribed letters.
A pen of thousand dollar does not work better.

A man is the sum of his thoughts.
Without proper thought he maybe lost.
Thought guides a man like a…

Riaz Laskar

2X Top Writer, I write from heart and live life for Maa, Wife and my kids.

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